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The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

Back to school can be a stressful time when it comes to co-parenting. Communication between schools, diving responsibilities between houses, getting aligned with routine and homework. It's another situation where when you're in a stepfamily, even the simplest things aren't simple.


In this solo episode, Jamie shares tips for minimizing stress at back-to-school and responds to back-to-school stressors you submitted on IG.


Stressors include:

  1. Who pays for what?

  2. What to do if other parent doesn't want to pay their share

  3. How to handle the stress of "meet the teacher night" with the other parent

  4. Should stepmom go to meet the teacher night?

  5. What to do is mom wants control of all back-to-school shopping.


and more...


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