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The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Darren and Jamie chat about Christmas in their blended family. How they manage gifts, schedules, extended family, having an ours baby and most important sharing the kids with the ex. 

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Nov 23, 2020

New name, new intro but same raw and real conversations.

In this episode of The Kick-Ass Stepmom podcast I share where my head is at as I go into my 35th year.

To sum it up: simplify, delegate, own your sh*t and find the lesson.

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Nov 2, 2020

I have a question for you. 

What would you do if your stepchild came to you and said that she wanted to get a dog… and bring it back and forth between mom's house and dad’s house. 

So essentially, not only would you be co-parenting a child… you’d be co-parenting a dog, too!

As crazy as it sounds, it was the...