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The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast

Dec 5, 2022

There is no doubt that fear plays a huge role in most of our lives at some point in time. There are so many deep rooted fears about our self worth, safety, our relationships, value, money and more.


This week I am chatting with Relationship expert and Author Monica Berg who believes that we should transcend fear and come to a place where you just trust the process of life. This episode dives into all things fear and the importance of eliminating the impact that fear has on your life.

We discuss:

  • The different types of fear
  • The relationship between trying to control things and fear
  • The power of diving into your fear
  • Surrendering to things you cant control
  • A fixed vs growth mindset
  • How to shift your perspective on challenges and things that you fear

and more!


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